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Are you a building contractor looking for reliable, highly affordable concrete manufacturing? At MasterMix and Packaging Limited, we have the years of experience and the wide range of services to cater to any construction project, large or small. We offer quality materials, including ready mix concrete and rapid set concrete, topped off by the expertise of our highly dedicated staff. When you need a company that can deliver large volumes on-site according to your specifications, you can rely on us. Call today for a free estimate.

At MasterMix and Packaging Limited, our goal is to deliver premixed and rapid set concrete products that meet the highest expectations of our customers right across New Zealand, every time. Fully trained to assist you with any bagged concrete supply solutions you require, we provide lasting results and affordable prices. Selecting the right bagged ready mix concrete product to suit your project's specific requirements can be difficult, but MasterMix and Packaging Limited is here to save you time and money, walking you through the selection process. We will ensure that you find the products and materials you need to complete your job to the highest standards, while sticking to your budget. Read on below about some of the huge range of concrete products that we stock.

Premixed Bagged Rapid Set and Minute Concrete Products